Therapeutic Living for Families employs a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) that helps clients with chronic mental health issues develop and maintain the skills needed to function successfully in the community. Our PRP staff works to bridge the gap between the clinic and the community, supporting clients and facilitating their recovery to prevent relapse or hospitalization.

We help our clients understand their illnesses, properly use medications, manage symptoms, exercise proper nutrition and personal hygiene, learn time management and manage personal finances. Therapeutic Living for Families supports both adults, adolescents and children with PRP services.

Our Rehabilitation and Support Services Include…

  • Access to Entitlements (can include ARD/LLC school hearings)
  • Behavior modification — including self-care, social and independent living skills
  • Social skills training
  • Life skills development — including parenting, job coaching, household and financial planning
  • Medication Services— including monitoring, observing and documenting reactions, and reinforcing education
  • Health Promotion and Training— including instruction in nutrition, exercise, dental care, substance abuse prevention, illness/injury prevention, disease prevention
  • Crisis Services
  • Linkage with an Individual in a Psychiatric Inpatient Facility or Detention Center
  • Transitional planning to enable clients to continue or transfer to necessary services (securing stable housing, moving from adolescent to adult services, etc.)

Special Programs for PRP Clients:

Health Homes

Therapeutic Living for Families uses Health Homes to help clients reach their behavioral health goals. Clients’ current Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program acts as a Health Home in an effort to manage care and improve overall wellness. You’ll receive an individual treatment plan, and your provider will help you set goals, find support, and address challenges in your physical and behavioral health needs. Health Homes can address and assist with scheduling appointments, referrals to specialists, quitting smoking, accessing benefits, weight maintenance, support service connection, diabetes control and transitional care needs.

Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS)

Therapeutic Living for Families offers Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS) that focus on behavior modification for children and youth. We utilize short-term interventions in the child’s home, school or community to help the child learn new adaptive behaviors to replace dysfunctional or dangerous ones. Our services include creating behavioral intervention plans, identifying coping skills, creating safety plans, behavioral tracking, positive reinforcement and parent coaching.

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