Therapeutic Living for Families serves as an outpatient mental health center, providing mental health and substance abuse assessments, individual and group therapy, and medication management. We serve adults, adolescents and children with a wide range of behavioral health needs — including co-occurring substance abuse needs. We assist our clients with life challenges, relationship issues, behavioral issues with a child or teen, depression, anxiety, trauma, and persistent mental illness.

Therapeutic Living for Families’ Outpatient Treatment serves adolescents and adults with independent counseling once per week or more frequently, as needed. Our Intensive Outpatient Treatment provides counseling services for 15 hours, or 3-5 days per week.

In the clinic/school based program, licensed professionals with culturally diverse backgrounds provide individual, group and family therapy for clients in office, home and school settings. Therapeutic Living for Families has 18 licensed therapists who provide both in-service and consultations in more than 20 Baltimore City Public Schools.

Therapeutic Living for Families offers…

  • Individual Therapy — one-on-one individual sessions with a therapist for about 45 minutes to one hour
  • Family Therapy — designed to address specific issues that affect the psychological health of the family, such as major life transitions or mental health conditions
  • Group Therapy — Group therapy is sometimes used alone, but is also commonly integrated into a comprehensive treatment plan that also includes individual therapy and medication.

Medication Management/Psychiatric Evaluation 

Therapeutic Living for Families monitors patients’ medications to confirm they comply with the prescribed medication regiment and ensure patients avoid potentially dangerous drug interactions and other complications.

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