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Therapeutic Living for Families uses Health Homes to help clients reach their behavioral health goals through a holistic approach to care. Clients’ current Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program acts as a Health Home in an effort to manage care and improve overall wellness. You’ll receive an individual treatment plan, and your provider will help you set goals, find support, and address challenges in your physical and behavioral health needs. Health Homes can address and assist with scheduling appointments, referrals to specialists, quitting smoking, accessing benefits, weight maintenance, support service connection, diabetes control and transitional care needs.

Health Homes offer:

  • Comprehensive Care Management — You and your provider will create your treatment plan, offering a personal approach to achieving your wellness goals.
  • Care Coordination — Health Homes ensures you get the care you need though simple organization — as one location coordinates most of your services and support.
  • Health Promotion — Your Health Home provider will give you knowledge and guidance to improve your overall wellness — offering information, training and support specific to your needs and chronic health challenges.
  • Comprehensive Transitional Care — If you need to receive treatment in a hospital or other inpatient facility, your Health Home provider will remain in contact with you and other providers to ensure your needs are met, especially when your level of treatment changes.
  • Individual and Family Support — Your Health Homes provider can work with you and your caregivers to find pharmacy, counseling, child services and more — helping you live to your full potential in the community.
  • Community and Social Support Referral — Health Homes can help you access public programs and local groups to support you in the community.

If you already receive mental health and/or substance abuse treatment, talk to your health care provider about enrolling in a Health Home. If you do not currently receive mental health or substance abuse treatment, you may still be eligible to participate in a Health Home. Contact us to discuss the benefits of Health Homes and your eligibility to participate.

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Therapeutic Living for Families provides personalized assistance to families and individuals in their homes and communities. Our family-centered practice actively involves each family in the process of developing common sense solutions to even the most serious emotional and behavioral problems.

This organization and their facilities are members of the National Health Services Corps.


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